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Full Terms and Conditions of booking

Bookings and deposits

Once you have decided upon your event, we will send you an invoice detailing your choices. The processing of a non-refundable deposit of £200 will confirm your booking and secure your date, we will send you a further invoice with details of the deposit once this has all gone through.

We ask that the remaining balance for your event is paid 1 week prior of the event if the payment has not cleared the before the day of the event staff will not serve.



We understand that sometimes things go wrong for that reason we allow you to cancel up until seven days before the event. However we cannot accept cancellation less than seven days prior to the event and should this arise 50% of the balance will be charged.


General Liability

We do not accept liability for any failure to provide the service contracted which are due to circumstances beyond our control, including electricity and water failures or fire alarm evacuation.


Public Liability

To protect ourselves against any 3rd Party Claims, The Butcher and the Hog has obtained Full Public Liability. The Butcher and the Hogare regrettably unable to accept any liability for Accidents or injuries incurred by the client or their guests within the designated cooking and serving area.


Leftover Food Disclaimer

In leaving any food after the event in your care, you acknowledge that you will be responsible for the safe storage of the food and understand that this agreement is on the basis that we will accept no liability in respect of the food. For any further guidelines on safe storage of food, please visit:



Upon acceptance, our quotation with these conditions shall together constitute the contract between us, The Butcher and the Hog, (“The Butcher and the Hog”) and you (“the client”).



  • We cannot be held responsible for any adverse weather conditions resulting in non-fulfilment of a contract.

  • A parking space is required at the function. With ease of access to the cooking area. All parking permits/fees are to be met by the client.

  • The access to /from the cooking area must be free of any obstruction to ensure the safety of our staff.

  • Whilst we have trays to catch the hog roast fat, spillages of fat can and may occur. For this reason positioning of the hog roast / bbq is the clients responsibility and we will not be held responsible for any spillages..

  • The Hog roast will have a one to one and a half hour maximum serving window.

  • If the hog roast is to be served at night, adequate lighting is required at the hog roast area, and also to and from loading.

  • All salads/breads provided by us are served buffet style unless waiting staff are booked.

  • If you are booking a menu which includes Canapés or Salads, the use of a kitchen is required

  • Our spit roast machines should fit through the average door or gate opening however we do ask that you allow for 1 meter wide access. Steps and steep slopes should not be a problem. If you have any concerns please do let us know and we would be happy to conduct a site visit.

Allergies and Dietary requirements

We can cater for many different dietary requirements however, it is the client’s responsibility to alert us to allergies, prior to the event, so we can adjust the menu accordingly and highlight menu items containing said allergens where required. No responsibility can be taken for any allergic reactions suffered where the client has not advised of a risk.

DIY Hire

If you are concerned about any aspect of hiring the machine or equipment from us, you must inform us immediately of any discrepancies. Any complaint after the return of the equipment shall not be considered. If during the hiring time the hirer comes across any concerns about the machine, they must turn it off, make it safe and contact us immediately on 07415 888 001 we can the offer guidance help and support!


Although we hold full Public Liability Insurance this will not cover you for any private hire of our machines or equipment. The Butcher and the Hog accepts no responsibility for any such fault or injury claim, from the time the equipment is delivered, until it is collected or returned back to The Butcher and the Hog.

The Butcher and the Hog cannot accept any responsibility or claim, whatsoever against them during the time of hire. The hirer is liable for any damage, loss or theft which will be charged for, at the principal going rate, at that time, per hog roaster, rotisserie motor or any other equipment, retrospective to the damaged caused. The replacement of items by the hirer cannot be accepted on any items hired.


The Butcher and the Hog are not liable for any equipment or produce which is not supervised by The Butcher and the Hog Staff. 

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